Colors in marketing go deeper than the visuals. The psychology behind colors tells marketers how to create a banner or visual identity that will make an impact on consumers. From brand identity to banner advertising, choosing the right colors in marketing can change the course of your ad or business, and can reach people in ways you may not even expect.

The science of color can change the way consumers perceive your brand and act. Because consumers are highly visual, they can be influenced by different color combinations, images and other visual elements. While branding is important, banner advertising can be even more influential with the right colors. Catching your consumer’s attention, regardless of if they know your brand or not, can draw them in and help guide them to a purchasing decision. 

So, what colors in marketing are effective? What does the science of color tell marketers when it comes to creating an effective banner?

Let’s take a look.


The color red in banner advertising is used to create a sense of urgency or excitement. Many sales signs or clearance banners use red as a primary color to capture consumers’ attention and draw them in. 

Red can also be used strategically in banners to suggest appetites and friendliness. Many iconic brands and restaurants use red as their main color to create excitement and feelings of hunger for their customers. If you are creating a banner for a restaurant or retail store and want to depict urgency and excitement, consider using red as a background or primary color. 


Blue colors and hues on banners and other branding can be powerful. It is one of the most commonly used colors in branding and has been used since the early 20th century. 

Companies that use blue evoke strength, trust and confidence. Many tech-based companies utilize this color to show innovation and communication. Use blues in your brand and banner advertisements if you want to premiere something new, if you are hosting an exciting event, or if you want to relate on a technological level to your customers. 


Green is one of the colors in marketing that is used to depict a sense of reliability and harmony. The emotions associated with the color green are often soothing, ecological and empathetic. This is a great example of the science of color at work.

For example, take a look at common uses of green in branding. 

  • Companies like John Deere use green to connect to a sense of agriculture and nature. 
  • Starbucks uses green as a calming tone that relays a sense of natural ingredients. 

The color is trustworthy, reliable and down-to-earth. 

Orange and Yellow

These two colors are used similarly in branding. Both are often lighter and brighter, giving brands opportunities to promote optimism and energy. Orange and yellow can be strategically used to capture attention and alert audiences. 

Because they are naturally brighter colors, orange and yellow are used sparingly, usually as accent colors. Companies that use these colors in marketing seek to come across as safe and rugged or bright and cheerful. If you are looking to create a banner that needs to pop, or if you want to depict an important alert or message, consider the benefits behind oranges and yellows. 

Black and White

Black and white are two colors that can be extremely effective in banner advertising if done correctly. While they are typically used as accent colors, filling in as backgrounds or copy colors, they can give your company a sleek look and feel. Both of these colors are strong and bold on their own or together. 

The drawbacks to using either or both of these as primary colors mean losing the pop and attention that brighter colors may draw. Black and white are advanced and optimistic; they are sleek and new. Use these colors in your banner if you have simple messages or want to appear bold and strong. 

Create Effective Banners

There is so much that goes into creating banners, including colors in marketing. The science of colors can change the way customers perceive your business. Consider how your colors and images are working for your banner, and how you can use more — or less — to create a message that stands out. 

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