Work Ethic

I’ve known Gabe for over 23 years. I purchased my first Mac from him on a colleague’s referral. Gabe is the guy I trust and whose work ethic I admire. He always has your back and consistently delivers high-quality products and service.

Pat W.

Quick and Professional

I’m constantly amazed at Printastik’s ability to get the job done. Quick, Professional, Seasoned, Reasonable.  Always a pleasure to work with.  5 stars.

Susan B.

Quality Work

We have never found anybody who can match the quality of work we consistently get from Printastik, especially on complicated projects that other printers don’t want to bother with. Even on short runs Gabe and his crew always take the time to make sure it’s done right.

Peter H.

Friendly and Knowledgeable

Suntide loves working with Printastik for our printing needs.  They always do a great job, are friendly and knowledgeable and get the job done quickly.

Angela P.


When we started our working relationship in 2009, we never knew how intricately our companies would work together. From the very first sticker we put on at the Minnesota Twins Stadium Target Field, to the 163,000  stickers we did for waste management in the summer of 2018 there has never been a flaw.   We’ve never had Gabe or any of his staff comment that they couldn’t handle an order that large and  they still were able to get it done in a timely fashion… No order is too big and no order is ever too small ….both get the same attention to making sure that it is right… Gabe and his staff always pay attention to details and are spot on and giving us directions on how to make things look better and what is possible when we haven’t even thought about those possibilities… #PrintastikIsAwesome

Mark and Marya H.


I have worked with Gabe at Printastik at least once a week for more than a dozen years and will continue to do so as long as I am in this business. Printastik offers the ideal combination of offering fair, competitive pricing, meeting the lead times they promise and delivering quality products that meet or exceed expectations. Additionally, Gabe and Scott are almost always available to answer questions and offer solutions I haven’t thought of on my own. They do business in an honest manner and never overpromise or underdeliver. Gabe’s decades of knowledge are an asset to anyone who does business with Printastik.


Brian N.


I have enjoyed working with Gabe at Printastik for several years.  In 2017, I started a comprehensive rebranding project that included replacing vehicle graphics for a very large fleet.  That 18 month initiative was in addition to the other projects he helps us with, not to mention his other customers.  We developed a scheduling process that completed the project quickly with little to no down time for our workforce.  Gabe is responsive, does excellent work and makes sure that I am happy at the completion of each project.  I highly recommend Gabe and Printastik.

Robbie D.

Great Stickers

I wanted to let you know that Mike (the general manager), the restaurant owners, and the staff all love the stickers. The material, finish, and PMS pink are all perfect—for everything from takeout bags, to gift bags, to boxes that hold sweet treats.
Thank you for helping us figure out exactly what we needed and making sure that everything looked great. We look forward to continued business!
Jennifer H.

Print Quality

Gabe and Pat:
The design and print quality on the new piece is off the charts. Very well received !!
Many thanks for the effort.