Fun graphic of a pink toy car against a blue background

In 1900, Milton S. Hershey of chocolate bar fame became the first entrepreneur to market his brand via automobile in Lancaster, Pennsylvania when he painted an advertisement for Hershey’s Cocoa on the side and paraded it around town to great success. Ever since his innovative tactic took hold, the practice known as car wrapping has become a staple for small businesses and large corporations alike. 

Car wrapping is just one of many tactics that utilize your car to help drive sales. As a custom printing company, Printastik has been helping local businesses advertise their brand for decades, through car wrapping, bumper stickers, custom window decals and more. Read on as we explore some of the ways you can utilize your vehicle to boost your business. 

Market On-the-Go with Vehicle Graphics

Outfitting your vehicle with personalized graphics is an effective way to proclaim what your business can offer while quickly getting the viewers’ attention on the go. When picking up parts or driving around town, a vehicle with customized graphics will leave a lasting impression, just as it did for Mr. Hershey. Durable, weather-resistant and wind-tunnel-tested, vehicle graphics are sure to garner attention for your business name and logo from pedestrians and drivers. 

Grab Their Attention with Customized Bumper Stickers

Stop us if this has ever happened to you: you’re stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic and you notice the car in front of you has a flashy sticker posted to their bumper that you can’t get out of your head. Behold, the power of the bumper sticker. Adding custom bumper stickers to your vehicle is a smart way to show the public your style, your mission and your sense of humor while promoting your business. You would be surprised how efficiently a bumper sticker can capture key information about your business and relay it to the public. Customize your bumper stickers with your logo, an event advertisement or a captivating idea that will get people talking. 

Boost Your Brand with Window Clings & Magnets

Window decals, also known as vehicle clings, are another strong and easy-to-implement advertising tool. Window clings use static electricity to stick to your car, so if you also use your vehicle for personal use, you don’t have to worry about removing and reusing them. Consult a digital printing company in Minnesota for advice on how to use car window clings to promote your company.

Personalized car magnets are another versatile option for promoting events and can be easily removed as needed. With the same show-stopping benefits as vehicle graphics, car magnets and window clings are a useful tool for garnering name recognition and attracting customers.

Promote Your Business with Printastik

As one of Minnesota’s most trusted printing companies, Printastik has been helping Twin Cities families advertise their businesses since 1987. We provide high-quality digital printing for vehicles in the form of vehicle graphics, window clings, magnets and bumper stickers, as well as other customizable items to help you drive sales around town. Our in-house designer can help you make sure your marketing vision is realized with professional excellence. Contact us today to let us know how we can help promote your business in style.