A woman researches Printastik's digital printing services as a way to promote her business in Minnesota.

One of the key aspects associated with owning a business involves creating a marketing plan to build product awareness. It can be easy to get carried away and throw a ton of money at marketing efforts, but taking a more cerebral approach is in your best interest. There are ways to promote your services without paying exorbitant prices. Keep reading for some tips on how to affordably promote your business.

1. Participate in a Contest or Awards Show

Who doesn’t love a good competition? Participating in a contest is a clever way to build your brand and get free publicity. If you place highly enough, you could get interviewed as a finalist and attract the attention of potential investors. Consider holding your own internal contest or award show and sharing the results online to increase engagement. Reach out to a local digital printing company that can create custom, branded awards for best results! 

2. Organize a Meet-Up

Meet-up events can be rewarding because they are casual, free gatherings designed to enable socialization with potential clients and other business partners. This is a great opportunity to network with people in person while boosting brand awareness. Make sure you have custom business cards or personalized tee shirts to distribute to potential clients and business partners during the event. Look for a company providing 3d printing services near you for personalized business cards that will leave a lasting impression.

3. Hold Promotional Giveaways

One of the most effective and affordable ways to market your business is to design bespoke items like personalized tee shirts and give them to schools and workplaces. You could also add them as complementary items to every order you receive for a limited time. There are a multitude of options you can choose from when you find a good company providing 3d printing services near you. Promotional giveaways increase brand exposure and are a cost-effective way to promote your business. 

Promote Your Business with Printastik

Since 1987, we have established ourselves as the best digital printing company in Minnesota. We have helped companies promote themselves with car window clings, vehicle graphics and much more. We pride ourselves on providing best-in-class digital printing services for individuals and businesses throughout the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. We sell a wide variety of custom items such as personalized tee shirts and business cards to help build your company’s brand. If you are ready to boost your company’s profitability, get in touch with us for marketing material tailored to your needs.