printing trends in 2020 with blue background graphic by Printastik in Edina, Minnesota.

Printing may not immediately come to mind when you think of industries making technological advances, but technology has quietly been changing how people print. Here are some of the trends in the printing industry as we move into a new decade, and a few predictions of how the printing industry will adapt.

A Greener Future

One of the biggest hot-button issues, in any industry, is the environment. As temperatures continue to shatter records, consumers are looking for greener ways to live, and are beginning to demand more sustainable practices from companies they interact with. While these demands won’t directly drive policy change, they will choose a sustainable company over one that doesn’t make an effort. The industry has many avenues towards sustainability: from the creation of printers that are more efficient to the recycling of paper and other sustainable printing practices. One company that has tackled this particularly well is HP, who has created green initiatives and sustainable alternatives. Printastik is inspired to partner with companies like HP, and implementing green initiatives and improve sustainability.

Bolstering Cybersecurity

As our world becomes more connected, hackers are looking for weak links to infiltrate businesses. Printers handle the most sensitive internal documents; if a hacker could gain access to the information sent to printers, they could duplicate any file sent to that printer without anyone knowing. 

In the next decade, printers will evolve into guardians of information, blocking hackers from accessing an easy route into a company’s systems. Look for more printer-based software defense and more sophisticated printers in the coming years.

Offering Diversified Services

Beyond the basic function of printing, brick-and-mortar shops are offering more services to stay relevant. For example, many printers are leveraging their skills in the design realm, helping clients make their materials sleek and eye-catching. Additionally, as more business is conducted digitally, printing shops are accommodating different devices connecting and printing documents. Not everyone has time to use the traditional route, so printing Convenience is a must in the future of printing.

Finding a Better Way Forward

At Printastik, we pride ourselves on being able to make your digital dreams reality. As the printing industry changes, we are excited to see what those changes bring and how we can evolve with it.  From signs to T-shirts, we make printing easy with personable service and reliable quality on every project, guaranteed. Contact us today to learn how we can help you print your passion.