Online Banner advertising to Level Up Your Branding with Custom Masks for Your Retail Staff by Printastik

While popular throughout the world for protecting against the spread of illness, masking is relatively new to the United States. As people become more aware of the benefits of masking, and continued guidelines mandate masks in public-facing workplaces, masks have become an important part of our daily routine. From clothing shops to grocery stores, restaurants and more, businesses are in a unique position to level up their branding by making custom face masks part of their employee uniform. In addition to providing a more streamlined look for staff members, custom face masks offer benefits for improved brand image, increased brand awareness, and better performance among public-facing employees. 

Printastik offers custom printing across a variety of applications to help brands grow. To learn more about the branding benefits of custom face masks, keep reading. 

Improve Brand Image 

Often an afterthought, especially for new and small businesses, investing in brand image is an important facet of building success. Consumers want to know that when they support a business, they’re supporting one that aligns with their values. By providing custom face masks to staff, a business demonstrates that they care about the health and safety of both their workers and the customers they serve. It also increases consumer confidence that other

preventative health measures are taken to keep them safe. Customers that have positive associations with a brand are more likely to develop brand loyalty and recommend that brand to prospective customers. 

Increase Brand Awareness 

Visibility is important for brands looking to gain traction in a competitive market. Custom face masks put your logo and name front and center to help build brand awareness. When employees wear their branded facemasks to and from work and on breaks, you benefit from real-time, grassroots marketing. Prospective customers will be more likely to Google you or have your company’s name and logo at the top of their mind when considering where to shop or grab a bite to eat. In addition to providing custom face masks to staff, they can be sold to bring in revenue while providing increased brand awareness. 

Improve Employee Performance 

As essential workers, retail employees have experienced increased workplace stress in recent years that has impacted their mental health and job satisfaction. Many employers have taken this seriously, looking for opportunities to improve conditions, increase benefits and offer added protections for their staff. When employees feel cared for by a business’s leadership, they’re more likely to perform well and better represent the brand they work for. Because masking is mandated for most retail staffs, providing custom face masks for your employees takes an added expense off their plate and shows that you value their health and safety. 

Boost Your Branding With Printastik 

Printastik has been helping to build brands since 1987. Offering custom signs, banners, promotional materials, t-shirts and more, we’ve helped brands boost their recognition, image and presence in their communities. By offering custom face masks, Printastik is giving brands another avenue for improving their marketing efforts during a time when they need it most. With years of experience in custom printing, Printastik maintains leading technology to ensure your marketing materials are high-quality and professional, helping you to put your best foot, or face mask, forward. Order custom face masks for your staff today. For more information or help with your design, contact our team by calling (651) 659-9680 or emailing us at