A custom Printastik notebook with text "How To Welcome New Team Members The Right Way"

Even as adults, starting a new job can make someone feel like the new kid in class. There are names to learn, methods and systems to get acquainted with and technologies to get a handle on, all while getting the job itself done. Making sure a new team member feels comfortable and supported goes a long way in building morale, confidence and productivity. By providing ample resources during onboarding, you not only set up your new team member for success but the rest of the team as well. 

Printastik has worked with businesses for more than 30 years, creating custom materials to support their teams and the work they do. We’ve learned a lot in these three decades, so we’d like to share our tips for welcoming new team members to your business. 

Create Helpful Onboarding Documents

Onboarding documents help new team members know what to expect and how to perform tasks. Often, these documents are digital, making it difficult to follow along during that first day. While having a digital copy of onboarding documents is helpful, greet your new employee with a physical booklet as well. Designing a team-specific onboarding booklet for your new team member gives them an easy, visually pleasing resource to access information they’ll be revisiting, such as important websites, best practices, avenues for support and more. Consider including the names, pictures, roles and a few getting-to-know-you activities for the rest of the team. This will help your new team member learn names faster, know who to reach out to, and build in some ice breakers. 

Show Them You’re Invested

It’s common practice for companies to hold off on certain perks until an employee has demonstrated their commitment. Studies have shown that employees are more likely to invest in employers who demonstrate that they’re invested in them. Show your new team member you’re invested by welcoming them with a few items that demonstrate your faith in their longevity. Include branded business cards, a mug with your company logo and their name, and a couple notepads and pens. A small welcome package like this is low-cost for most companies while being a meaningful gesture for new team members. Make sure to provide something similar for the rest of your team before introducing new employees with it. The goal should always be to improve cohesion and satisfaction. 

Plan a Team Building Activity 

Team building activities have long been used to improve trust, comradery, and communication in professional organizations. Setting up a team building outing, event or even an office lunch during the first couple weeks of onboarding a new team member will help to usher them into the team dynamic. While team building activities can be challenging to plan during current public health concerns, there are ways to get your group together safely. Consider a remote escape room or virtual happy hour to connect teams who are working out of the office. Order in lunch for in-office teams or provide your team with branded face masks and head to a local archery or painting class. Establishing your new team member as an important part of the group dynamic and helping them get familiar with their new coworkers will go a long way in supporting their success in their new role. 

Welcome Your New Team Member with Printastik

Since 1987, Printastik has provided custom printing services for individuals and businesses throughout the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. Offering digital printing services including copies, booklets, print and bind and more, we can help you create visually arresting and informative documents for new hires. Digital printing allows you to update your materials easily with each new hire and for different departments. Create custom welcome gifts for new team members, from mugs to an array of promotional materials. Printastik maintains leading technology to ensure your onboarding materials and welcome items are high-quality and professional, giving your new hire added trust in the caliber of your organization. For more information or help with creating your welcome materials, contact our team by calling (651) 659-9680 or emailing us at sales@printastik.biz