A graphic of a large format printer with Printastik-colored designs printing off the press.

Large format printing, also known as wide format printing, refers to printed materials that might be measured in feet as opposed to inches. This type of digital printing requires equipment that is specialized for material sizes that end up as blueprints, store displays, wall panels at trade shows, oversized posters and billboards. 

Large format printing is ideal for marketing your brand to customers in highly populated areas where marketing is viable around every corner because it allows you to present a lot of detail over a sizable area with attention-grabbing graphic design. There is almost no limit to the kind of projects you can take on. Read on as we share some tips you can use to make large format printing a piece of cake.

How Large Format Printing Works

Large format printing allows you to print widths of up to 8 feet. Wide format printers spray UV ink onto large, rigid or roll-fed materials. The process is completed using a computer program that sprays ink onto large rolls of paper. The ink used by wide format printers doesn’t fade so your graphics will retain their quality for a long time. 

Keep Designs Simple

While it’s tempting to add a lot of elements to your canvas, resist the urge – clutter will dilute your design’s effectiveness. In designing your canvas, keep these key points in mind:

  • Focus on a simple design with a concise statement, compelling graphic and a relevant brand asset (logo, website, company name etc.).
  • Make sure your design is balanced with good proportions across its entire width so you can capture as many people’s attention as possible. 

Choose the Right Fonts and Colors

When selecting fonts, make sure you choose ones that are stylish, but readable as well. And when it comes to color, less is more. Keep in mind the following:

  • Consider using sans serif fonts because they have wide spacing between letters which will make your message easier to read from a distance.
  • Don’t bold your font as bolding often crowds the copy.
  • Using three or four colors max is a good rule of thumb. 
  • Use CMYK colors to ensure you have an accurate color rendition on wide format printers.

Promote Your Business with Printastik

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