An online banner advertising a Printastik printed shopping bag with text "How To Boost Your Impact At Craft Shows And Farmers Markets"

Nowadays, people can get just about anything with the click of a button, but art and craft shows, farmers markets and festivals remain a beloved part of life. For independent makers, artisans and growers, these events provide valuable money-making and advertising opportunities. With the right preparation and materials, these events can generate long-term engagement from customers. At Printastik, we have years of experience in helping small businesses and makers get noticed. If you’d like to make a bigger splash at craft shows, farmers markets or other trade events, keep reading for Printastik’s top impact-boosting tips. 

Make It An Experience

In order to draw people to your stall or booth and keep their focus, make it an experience. People will be drawn to creative, unconventional displays, free samples, and friendly low-pressure customer service. Putting care into your setup and making it cozy and inviting will set you apart and make customers excited to check you out. Adding a branded social media photo opportunity, encouraging the use of your @ or a hashtag will earn you visibility with people who haven’t attended the event. 

Bring Promotional Materials 

These events are your main opportunity to organically grow your business and build your online following. Bring promotional materials that will inspire people to follow your business, even if they don’t make a purchase that day. Stickers, magnets and buttons are cost-effective ways to get your name out with materials people will enjoy using and are less likely to throw away. Make them simple, aesthetic and informative, including your social media handles or website. Wearing your brand logo on a custom t-shirt will keep your team looking uniform and informative all at once. 

Use Effective Signage

There is so much to see at craft shows and farmers markets, so you’ll need to have clear, visible signage. A custom banner that can be seen from a distance is a great way to draw the eyes of attendees to your booth. Branded tent and table covers will also set you apart from the rest of the event.  Not only are these items eye-catching, they demonstrate professionalism that will instill greater confidence in your product, encouraging more sales. 

Get Seen With Printastik

At Printastik, we create a variety of custom promotional materials that empower entrepreneurs, artisans, growers and makers to stand out at craft and trade shows and farmers markets. From stickers, buttons and magnets to large scale banners and signage, we have years of experience in making branded products to boost sales and attract new business. As the new year approaches, set yourself up for success in 2022. Contact our team in Minnesota to get started on creating your custom materials by calling (651) 659-9680 or emailing us