You’ve got tickets for a Wild game and want to bring a banner that gets on the big screen to catch the attention of the entire arena. You’re throwing a graduation party and need a congratulations sign for the graduate, plus t-shirts with the names of each guest and personalized thank you cards for all 50 people. And, you’re also launching a side gig and need 10 boxes of business cards drawn up to advertise your services.

With all these big life events coming up all at once, you’re probably thinking to yourself, I wish I could find a sign shop near me that could customize and print all this stuff for me.

Whether there’s time to plan or it’s in a pinch, Printastik is more than just a trusted sign shop — it’s been the ultimate custom printing solutions expert serving the Twin Cities for more than 35 years, priding itself not only on speed and good pricing but always improving its quality thanks to having the best printing technology on-site, in-house right in Edina.

Customization is the Name of the Game

No printing job is too big or small, and everything can be customized and personalized for any occasion — and every situation where you would need something professionally printed. A few examples:

  • An outdoor banner to announce the grand opening of a new retail business (plus a promo catalog of your products and services)
  • Door hangers (in addition to those business cards) to advertise and market your new business services)
  • Personalized buttons and signage endorsing your candidate in the upcoming election
  • Bookmarks or mugs as gifts for the avid reader or coffee enthusiast, either for yourself or a loved one
  • Custom face masks, personalized for anyone (especially as a thank you to first responders)
  • That snappy monogram you always wanted, embroidered on a jacket, robe or anywhere else

Taking Advantage of Tech

Our equipment is always updated as technology continues to evolve, ensuring our customers receive the highest caliber product. 

We use state-of-the-art digital presses for our color and black-and-white copy services, ensuring each copy is reproduced with clarity, accuracy, and vibrancy. And full-color roll label digital printing produces rich color for product packaging, mailers and clothing stickers. Last, but not least: a digital t-shirt printer makes direct-to-garment order customization and personalization easy and affordable. 

For those gift mugs, pub glasses or to-go tumblers, laser engraving with an Epilog Laser and/or etching imparts detail and an artistic touch to glass, awards, wood, leather and the like.

Outdoor signage is printed with special UV technology resisting fading even with extended exposure to the sun.

Personalized Service and Local Made

Made for the Twin Cities in the Twin Cities — for 35 years, we’ve offered printing solutions for any and every occasion. All our printing services are produced on-site by our in-house designers. (And our buttons? They’re produced right next door in Wisconsin.) If anything that comes out of our studio isn’t produced in-house, we utilize a select assortment of strategic local partners to help.

For questions or on-demand printing services in Edina, Minn., don’t hesitate to contact us.