A custom-made coffee mug by Printasttik makes for a great personalized gift.

We all have our favorite mug. Our hand fits the handle perfectly. It’s large enough to hold a big cup of coffee while still leaving enough space for cream and sugar. That mug is the reason we get out of bed in the morning, if we’re being honest. Nothing could improve upon its perfection — unless, of course, you were to print a custom mug. Digital printing offers so many different options for customization! Keychains, t-shirts, personalized travel mugs — the possibilities are endless. Here are seven great reasons to create a custom mug for the folks in your life.

1. Custom Mugs Offer a Personal Touch

Creating a custom mug for a loved one gives you a chance to let them know that they are on your mind and not just someone you feel obligated to buy gifts for. Who doesn’t love a gift that was thoughtfully chosen?

2. Custom Mugs Are Memorable

Everyone needs a good mug. Why not share an inside joke or your love for someone while also giving them a useful piece of homeware. When you think about it like that, a custom mug is almost like getting two gifts at once.

3. They’ll Never Forget Getting a Custom Mug

Since you went through all the trouble of designing and ordering a custom mug, the recipient will never forget it! Figuratively, they will always remember that time you put in a little extra thought and got them a custom mug. But they will also literally never forget it anywhere because it means so much to them.

4. Custom Mugs Are Great To Commemorate the Good Times

By creating a custom mug, you have an opportunity to create a memento to serve as a reminder. Whether that be a reminder of love or celebrating an achievement, a custom mug can serve as a great souvenir of all of the good things in your life.

5. Custom Mugs Make For Great Swag

Another great thing about custom is that they are great party favors. Looking for a gift for the whole office? Grab some custom mugs. Want to scratch the cousins off the gift list come the holidays? Grab some custom mugs. Digital printing allows you to order as many custom mugs as you need!

6. Advertise While You Energize

Custom mugs are great for merchandising and advertising. Having your logo or a branded message present while folks enjoy their morning coffee helps to keep your company top of mind.

7. Celebrate Yourself

Of course, you can always order yourself a custom mug and enjoy it all to yourself. You don’t have to give it away. That way, you have your own memento to celebrate your accomplishments or the activities you love.

With so many reasons to order a custom mug, why wait!? Printastik is here to handle all of your custom printing needs. No matter how small or large your order may be, we will provide you with quality custom printing completed on a tight turnaround time. If you’re ready to get your custom mugs in the queue, contact us today!