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When you’re at an event or social engagement and encounter a potential new professional contact, odds are you’ll hear the phrase, “do you have a card?” The only thing worse than missing an opportunity because you don’t have a card is handing over a card that doesn’t exactly showcase your best self. Having a stock of professional, effective business cards at your fingertips is an important way to drive your career forward, regardless of your industry. Whether you’re a tow truck driver, a lawyer, an actor, or a painter, follow these tips to create an effective business card. 

1. Do Less, Get More

We’ve all heard the phrase “less is more” and that’s especially true when it comes to business cards. Overloading your business card with unnecessary information not only looks unprofessional, but it makes it harder for others to ascertain and remember the pertinent information. State the most important information clearly – your name, your role, basic contact info, and keep a good amount of open space. This will draw attention to your information, and leaves room for you or the recipient to jot a quick note to better remember your interaction. 

2.  Make It Easy To Read

There are a lot of fonts and embellishments out there that can be fun to play around with, but when it comes to your business card it’s best to keep it simple. If your business card uses a font that is too ornate, distorted, or small, it won’t be legible. When adding creative embellishments, glossing, or when using interesting materials – remember that the first priority is readability. Make sure to limit yourself to one element that is consistent with your brand and keeps your message clear. 

3. Know Your Audience

While you want to showcase yourself, it’s also important to know who you’re showcasing yourself to. Choose design elements and language that appeal to the people you want to work with. For example, if you’re a nanny, you might not want a dark, laser-engraved aluminum card with an extreme font. If you’re a tax attorney, a flowery back with rounded corners may not be the way to appeal to new clients. 

4. Get Some Eyes On It

Having someone take a look at your card before you have it printed is a great way to check for errors, and any design elements that may feel off. Asking colleagues and friends in similar fields to check out your card is a good way to assess how it will come across when you’re networking. 

5. Print Professionally 

It’s important to invest in yourself and your career. There’s a noticeable difference in quality between professionally-printed business cards and those that are printed and cut at home. Since you’re showcasing your professional self, a professionally-printed business card will make a stronger impression and instill more confidence that you’re someone worth following up with. You deserve to put your best foot forward, and you don’t deserve the literal pain in the neck that cutting up your own business cards would be. 

Print Your Business Cards With Printastik

At Printastik, we offer a variety of options for high-quality, professional business cards. You can even choose to have a hard copy proof to see how your design looks off the screen and in your hand. With multiple options for card stock paper, enhancements, and metal and magnetic business cards available upon request, you’ll be able to create an effective card that fits within your industry and brand and tells your unique story. To print your business cards with Printastik, visit us online at