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Family reunions are a celebration of where we’ve come from, who we’ve grown with, and the bonds that matter most. We share stories, memories, and familiar family foods. At Printastik, one of our favorite family reunion traditions is the creation of custom t-shirts that help families keep track of each other and show off their unique style and flair. With the digital age, gone are the days of ironing on a print-out at home. Now families can create eye-catching, professional custom t-shirts that showcase their family spirit and rake in the likes online. Keep reading for tips on creating a custom t-shirt for your next family reunion from the printing professions at Printastik.

1. Create a Slogan

Family reunions are a chance to embrace the weird, the wacky, the unique, and the beautiful qualities of your clan. A great way to share your family’s personality is coming up with a slogan for your custom t-shirt. When finding a slogan for your family reunion t-shirt, there’s a treasure trove of inspiration from which to mine. Inside jokes, family sayings, and clever plays on your family name are great sources for slogans. If your family reunion is taking place at a special destination, bring that into your custom t-shirt slogan. If the Shar family is going to Disney World, how about “When You Wish Upon A Shar.” If your family has a strong matriarch, how about “Grandma’s Crew.” A fun way to pick a slogan before your reunion is making a family-wide game out of it. Have everyone make suggestions, then vote on your favorite.

2. Add Your Names

If you have a big family, a family who doesn’t see each other often, or family members who aren’t great with names, adding first names to the front or back of your custom t-shirts is a helpful way to remind people who you are. This is also a great opportunity to highlight special bonds by incorporating family nicknames or special titles.

3. Say Who You Are in the Family

A fun element you may want to include in your family reunion custom t-shirt is familial relationships. This is a way to celebrate all the different roles a person has within a family. One way to do this is by listing your family roles on the back of your shirt, like “Grandma, Mom, Aunt, Sister,” “Grandson, Son, Cousin, Nephew,” or even “Married Kevin.”
Find Your Family Style
When making a custom t-shirt for your family reunion, find a look that ties you all together. If your family is passionate about a particular sport, highlight that in your custom t-shirt. If your family loves nature, use tree graphics or nature-inspired fonts. If your family has strong ties to a particular nationality, region, or culture, bring elements of those into the design. Remember, your custom t-shirt is part of the celebration of your family bond.

4. Choose A Bright Color

Another important function of a family reunion custom t-shirt is keeping track of everyone. Especially if young kids are attending, make sure to pick a color that will stand out from any crowds you may find yourself in. Choose a color that means something to the family or simply one you all like, and find a shade that pops with as much personality as your family does.

5. Create Your Family’s Custom T-Shirts with Printastik

At Printastik, we provide high-quality digital custom t-shirt services, whether you’re planning a family reunion, work event, or just want something for yourself. With a wide range of sizes, including infant, toddler, and child sizes, there’s something for everyone in a variety of styles that are attractive, comfortable, and made to last. Our easy-to-use website allows you to customize the front and back of your custom t-shirt with the words and images of your choice. To learn more, or start your custom design today, visit us online at