A person holds a pair of differently designed business cards printed by Printastik in Edina, Minnesota.

Let’s talk about the business card

You’ve probably seen one tacked to the community bulletin board of a local business before. Or maybe one was enthusiastically shoved into your hand by a vendor at a conference or convention you attended. Maybe you started your own business and printed off a batch to share with friends and family. Whatever the occasion, business cards – even in the digital age – are still very much commonly used as a form of marketing. 

In fact, a recent article by Credit Donkey claims that business cards are still the number one networking tool in the corporate world. Small businesses, too, value from business cards, communicating to potential clients that they are “real” businesses. The same Credit Donkey report estimates that some 27 million business cards are printed daily, confirming that the business card is, indeed, alive and well. 

So how do you make your business card stand out when it’s literally one in a million? Printastik has a couple ideas.

Make it Valuable

The cost of a business card can vary depending on the quality of the card and the quantity of cards purchased. Business cards can range from as low as $10 to as much as $500 or more. The most expensive business card is Black Astrum’s Signature Series card valued at a whopping $1,500 per card.

Your budget may be more conservative than that, and that’s ok. While the information on your business card is the number one priority, decisions such as the paper type (paper, matte, gloss or other), color vs black and white, and whether it’s magnetic or not can add a degree of value that makes your card less likely to be lost or thrown away. According to AuraPrint, colored business cards typically last 10 times longer than plain white ones.

Remember, people tend to treat a card at it’s worth; make yours stand out by adding value.

Make it Memorable

A sure way of making your business card stand out is making it memorable. The physical design can be a great way of starting a conversation, sparking an idea or generating a laugh. A sommelier’s wine-stained business card, a photographer’s clear viewfinder business card and a divorce lawyer’s tearable business card are all cleverly unique ways of standing out that may earn a safe space in a wallet or purse for future reference.

Working with an experienced graphic designer could also lead to a business card that stands out against the rest.

Make it with Printastik

Once you’ve settled on a business card that’s valuable, memorable and stands out, the final step is printing it! Printastik has consistently met the Twin Cities printing needs since 1987. With the latest in modern printing technology, we deliver high quality business cards of all styles and finishes. Contact us today to place your order.