Man modeling a Printastik T-shirt that says PJ Carson's Hog Wash

Some brands just seem to have all the merch. Hats, shirts, coffee mugs, frisbees — it never seems to end. Because of all these different types of merch, these brands are able to keep their logo visible to the public without needing to spend additional money on advertising. What may have been free swag for someone at a company picnic is now a walking billboard for a brand. With companies pouring so much of their marketing budgets into this type of strategy, one has to wonder if it is all worth it. With the costs and organization associated with logo printing, what sort of ROI do these brands receive for plastering their logo on everything imaginable? Let’s take a look at how effective branded merchandise can be.

Brand Awareness: Logo Printing Gets More Eyes on Your Brand

While there is a unit cost attached to every piece of branded merchandise you produce, the exposure you gain by having your logo out in the world can far outweigh the cost. Think of this as more of a return on impressions rather than a return on investment. People love free stuff, and they tend to have a more favorable opinion of brands that they have received promotional items from. Not only does branded merchandise help build brand loyalty with the receiver of the free swag, your brand will also enjoy the free impressions from this merchandise moving freely about the world.

Logo Printing Can Be a Great Revenue Generator

When you have a brand that people are excited about and want to support, you can generate revenue with your logo printed all over it — and people will pay handsomely. When you break down the cost of branded merchandise to the unit, you realize that there is plenty of space to make a considerable profit while still keeping your offerings priced affordably. You now have branded merchandise that offers both a return on investment and impressions. It’s difficult to ask for much more than that from a marketing initiative.

Logo Printing Primes Your Business for a Multi-Tiered Campaign

Branded merchandise offers another touchpoint for your campaign in a tangible and useful way. You can include a call to action on your merch, helping to galvanize people towards a cause. Another option is to add QR codes that can be used to drive traffic to content or event details. There are plenty of clever ways to use your branded merchandise as a part of a larger, more ambitious campaign.

We Are Your Printing Partner

Printastik is here to provide you with quality items that elevate your brand. Not only will your art pop on whatever items work best for your company, our quick turnarounds also ensure you will always have the branded merchandise you need in stock. We can print on it all: shirts, mugs, buttons — whatever you can imagine! 


If your company is in need of a printing partner you can trust, reach out today for a quote.