A laser engraved trophy by Printastik is a great company party gift idea.

The time has come. Summer and fall have faded and winter is upon us. That means someone in your office has already asked the magic question: What are we doing for the holiday party this year? 

Coming up with new company holiday party ideas year after year might feel like extra work, but throwing a party helps to make your employees feel appreciated and recognized. It is a great way for your employees to bond with each other in a pressure-free environment. Sure, you can try to outdo yourself every year in terms of the venue and activity, but that can get pretty expensive quickly. That’s not to say your employees aren’t worth it (they are), but there are plenty of other ways to show how much you appreciate them. You can come up with some fun “awards” and give your employees trophies with laser engraving to commemorate their achievements. Digital printing gives you the ability to have all sorts of gifts made for your staff that they can cherish for years to come. Here are some great ways to make a splash at the company holiday party this year.

Engraved for All Time

Handing out awards might sound like a tricky scenario. You don’t want to create an awkward situation where some employees feel less than others, especially at the holiday party when you’re trying to celebrate everyone. But if you keep it lighthearted and fun, you won’t have that problem at all. Laser engraving a trophy for each employee is very doable cost-wise and gives everyone their own set of “bragging rights.” 

The key here is to remember to keep it light. You don’t want to introduce anything merit based at the end of the year and have your staff feel as though they have been judged against criteria they were unaware of. Instead, you can do something like base awards on their interests outside of work. This helps them feel seen and demonstrates that you have made the effort to get to know them. Plus, the laser engraved trophies make great workspace decorations, allowing your employees to enjoy them year-round.

Gifts That Make Sense

Digital printing allows you to give your staff something both fun and useful. Coffee mugs, t-shirts — the possibilities are endless. There are so many options! That’s the great thing about using digital printing; you can choose something that makes the most sense for your staff, and you can personalize them to your heart’s content. If you want to add everyone’s name to the back of the t-shirts, you can do that. The idea is to make a splash, so do something unexpected. Keep it fresh for your staff and they will be talking about it until next year’s party. 

Print With the Best

Printastik has a 35 year history of being the premier digital printing company in the Twin Cities. From vinyl signs to t-shirts, we can bring your designs to life. Whether you are ordering several thousand or a few dozen, we handle your order with the same care and attention to detail. If you’re ready to get your big company holiday party ideas rolling, reach out today!