Heading to a trade show? Setting up shop in a shared marketplace? Highlighting a new in-store promotion? Large indoor banners are a great way to showcase new products, promote sales, highlight your business identity, or welcome customers when they walk through your doors. 

 Draw attention to your business with a bold, attention-grabbing indoor banner using these insider tips.

Feature Bold, Bright Colors

Use a color palette that makes a bold statement and pulls people in. Vibrant hues like royal blue, emerald green, crimson red or neon orange create visual appeal and are easy to read from a distance. Contrasting colors also draw more attention. Consider pairing navy and yellow or purple and pink for added effect.

Include High-Resolution Photography

A compelling photo featuring your business, location, team, offerings or happy clients makes an impact. Use a lens of at least 24 megapixels and choose images that evoke emotion or highlight key benefits. Photos that include people tend to perform best for banners. You can also include simple illustrations or digital graphics in lieu of photos. 

Maximize Readability

In addition to an eye-catching image, include a headline that sells the key benefit of your business or promotion. Include a few bullet points highlighting your mission or message. Use a large, bold and legible font, like Futura, Gill Sans, or Arial that can be read from several feet away. Remember: less is more! Limit other text for maximum readability.

Keep It Professional

The key to creating an eye-catching indoor banner is utilizing professional digital printing services. Since 1987, Printastik has served Twin Cities businesses with high-quality printing using the latest technology. We create custom indoor banners with in-house design support to make sure you put your best banner forward. 

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