Printastik shares three creative ways to make a meeting more impactful

Company meetings are a necessary part of business, but they can sometimes be dull and hard to follow. Company-wide or team meetings that ramble on can have the opposite effect than intended. Finding ways to make your meetings more impactful will help you engage your employees and get them invested in your vision.

Consider how you typically run your company meetings and where they fall flat. Try starting your meeting differently. By setting the tone early, you can make your meeting more engaging and keep your employees attentive throughout. During your next company meeting, try implementing these ways to make your meetings more impactful and interesting

Incorporate Mixed Media

Everyone learns differently, and everyone processes information differently. During your next meeting, incorporate mixed media. Start with creating an interesting slide deck with pictures and graphs. Keep the words on your slides to a minimum; too many words can get in the way of the main message. Match the pictures to the words, and if possible, use real company photos and people. Your employees will recognize them and be more engaged. 

You can also implement videos and gifs into your presentation, where applicable. Try to find videos that help deliver your message. Make sure your media isn’t distracting but adding to the conversation. Music and audio is another form of media that you can implement in your next meeting. Maybe you come across a song that you want to define your next quarter, or a happy customer called and left a great review. Share these with your team and let them know the great work they’ve done and how to continue to achieve success. 

Finally, try incorporating prints and copies in your meeting. Indoor banners can catch your employee’s attention and can be utilized for emphasis. Engaging handouts and copies of the meeting agenda are great ways to give your employees something tangible to hold and follow along with. Having a clear agenda that you stick to (with built-in flexibility) will keep your employees engaged and understanding of the time expected of them. By incorporating mixed media throughout your meeting, your employees will have the opportunity to process information in different ways and be engaged during all parts of the meeting. 

Change it Up

Another effective way to make your next meeting more impactful and interesting is to change it up. Whether you change the format or location of the meeting, you can capture the attention of your employees for more effective time spent together. One way to do this is to ask someone else to lead or present a section of the meeting. If you need to communicate financial success and projections, have the CFO present. Perhaps there are ongoing employee initiatives, such as volunteering or community engagement. Ask an employee to report on the success of the projects and get others involved. 

You can also change the location of the meeting. Consider hosting a company-wide picnic at a park, or rent a conference room for the day and order catered lunch. This is a simple yet effective way to make your company-wide meeting different and impactful. Meetings in different locations can benefit from familiar company views, such as indoor banners with your logo or mission statement, custom branded mugs with the company-favorite brew, or new business cards tailored to individual employees. 

In addition, you can change the focus on the agenda. Rather than solely focusing on empirical data and financial projections for the quarter, for example, try changing the agenda to focus on different aspects of the company. Keep the meeting interesting and let employees ask questions, be involved and stay engaged. 

Give a Gift Bag

Keep your employees engaged with a gift bag. By presenting a small thank you gift at the start of the meeting, your employees will be happier, more interested and likely more attentive to the meeting. Stuffing a gift bag with company swag, including custom mugs, shirts embroidered with your company logo and other gifts is a great way to start off a meeting. Oftentimes, companies will give employees similar gifts at the end of the year. Try mixing it up and give a small gift to your employees before a meeting in the middle of the year. The unexpected gesture will be a warm welcome and a kind way to say thank you for their time and attention. 

Have a Printastik Meeting

Company-wide meetings are critical for keeping your employees informed and your company running smoothly. Keeping your employees engaged during meetings may be a challenge, but if you can navigate this obstacle, your meetings will be elevated and your employees will show more interest and better performance. 

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